13.5 done

I was at the box today (that’s CrossFit Lingo for Gym) to perform my 4 minutes of shame 😉 no, I really wasn’t sure about that workout to be honest but I managed to do the fist 15 Thrusters with 45 kilograms and then 1 Chest to bar Pull-up. So 16 reps was my score.

Full workout description here.

I was quite confident about the Thrusters although I’ve hurt my back a little during the last (non Game-) workout.

The C2B (Chest to bar) task was just as hard as I thought it would be. I’m not good at pull-ups and chin-ups yet so chest to bar was almost impossible to do. I managed to squeeze out one rep with the help of my judge Marc Hell (yes, Hell is his family name, it means “bright” in German).

I could still try to beat my own score tomorrow but Sunday is family day 😉

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