2013 CrossFit Games recap

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The 2013 CrossFit Games Open is history, I’ve done or tried all 5 WODs and scored in all of ’em, often with more repetitions then I have expected.

Here is my public profile on games.CrossFit.com

What I have learned from the games about CrossFit during those five weeks:

  • it’s super motivating to practice the classes in groups with music at high volume
  • if you are last to finish, all others cheer for you in order to get your last rep or cross the finishing line
  • you can achieve much more then you think you can do
  • you constantly step out of your comfort zone
  • because of that you get stronger but you also may sometimes hurt yourself – happened to me*
  • no workout is the same
  • all trained movements can be used in everyday situations like lifting, pulling, pushing, jumping etc.
  • you’re not only growing muscle but also do a lot of cardio
  • CrossFit makes you want to go to the next training – I always had motivational problems when going to a regular gym
  • it’s encouraging when you see what others achieve
  • if you’re feeling kind of fit and join a CrossFit affiliate, you’ll realize that you’re not that fit – at all!
  • CrossFit kind of feels like to be part of a sect (not that I’ve had a sect experience). You have your own temple (the box), your own language (WOD, C2B, Burpee etc.), your routines (warm up, skill, power, WOD), there are the sect leaders, the gurus that you look up to and you get to hang out with your fellow CrossFitters – probably also when you’re not at the box working out.

So after those five weeks, I’m really hooked to CrossFit and I say that as someone that hated to go to the gym. Or let’s put it this way: I had motivational problems.

*I now need to strengthen my core so my back won’t bitch around when I do squats with weights and I need to get my left thumb fixed. A barbell rolled over it when loaded with 60 kilos in mid air when aborting a clean and jerk attempt.

I will write an article about my CrossFit experiences during the CrossFit Games and post a link.

Thanks to CrossFit Basel for the opportunity to workout in your box and to coach me as a newbee. Thanks to Reebok for the gear that helped me to get that extra rep on various WODs because I felt super-human with spandex on *lol* no, really, it helped. Thanks also to my wife Nina that had to endure my constant talk about CrossFit this and CrossFit that. I love you!

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