Bicolor Easter-Braid

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I got asked to do a braid (we call it Zopf in Switzerland) for Easter-Sunday. Since I have already done bicolor braids before with two kinds of flour (brownish whole grain flour and regular, white flour), I knew that bicolor or marble looks great on braids. This time, I wanted to try food color. Here’s the result:

dough x2
2 times 500 grams of dough – with artificial color from the baking section
The braid before painting it with egg yolk.
braid covered
The braid covered with a wet cloth to let the yeast do its work.
braid in the oven
The braid in the oven for about 45 minutes at 220° Celsius.
braid finished cooling down
The braid after it’s been in the oven, cooling down.
braid cut up
The outer surface looks like a regular braid, you can barely see the color but if it’s cut open, the colors are visible.
braid cut up
Ready to be eaten…
braid cut up
It looks kind of Miami Vice-ish with this pink and baby-blue. Can you see the flamingo?
braid cut up
Well, it looks different, that’s for sure.

Looks quite trippy, I know – but if you eat it, you’ll forget about the color.  

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