WOD 13.2

The 2nd CrossFit WOD got published and I just wondered, if I could lift that wheight at all.


So it’s an AMRAP workout. As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible within 10 minutes.

5 x shoulder to overhead (52,5/35)
10 x DL (Dead Lifts) with the same wheight
15 x Boxjumps (61/51)

I have never lifted 52,5 kilos overhead (not that I know of). Now I had to do it at least five times in order to finish a round. Halleluja!

So a good technique would be key. And I was lacking exactly that as a bloody beginner.

Well, I managed to finish two rounds, so in total, I lifted those 52,5 kilos 10 times overhead!

And I think I damaged / torn something in my left forearm when jerking up the wheight – despite warming up… I guess I wasn’t really ready for that wheight yet. Or maybe it’s because I’m a year older today *lol*

To be continued…

Update: no injury on my forearm, everything is back to normal.

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