13.1 done – but not all of it

So today was my first CrossFit Games workout, number 13.1

In order to compete, I had to register on CrossFit.com – here’s my profile.

Before I was able to give it a try, I had to learn how to perform Snatches. A pretty complex movement for a beginner.

Here’s a tutorial

So after learning the basics, I was ready to give it a try – without¬†weights. Then with 5 Kilos, then 10, 15, 20, 30 and finally 35 Kilos. That’s the starting weight for workout 13.1

Then it was on: Tom took the time and I got a personal referee¬†that counted all the reps and fired me up – pretty helpful when you’re exhausted and need that extra kick of motivation to get through the workout.

3, 2, 1, GO!

40 Burpees to start with (I’ve never done 10 in a row before), then 30 Snatches with 35 Kilos and then 30 Burpees. After that, it would have been 30 Snatches with 60 Kilos but for safety reasons, we skipped those and the rest of the workout. So my goal was to finish those 30 Burpees as fast as I could.

Each repetition (rep) counts as one point. So I got 40 (Burpees), 30 (Snatches) and 30 (Burpees), that’s a total of 100 points. Then, it matters, when your last set of Snatches was finished (my time was 8:11) in order to see, who ranks higher or lower.

Gee-Jay after 13.1
red knees, a very common thing after a couple of Burpees…

Needles to say, I was totally exhausted and beat – but it was a great experience and I can’t wait to join the next class and learn something new.

You can still register and compete – submissions close at Sunday, 5PM Pacific Time.


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