Steinenvorstadt in 1989

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Steinenvorstadt in Basel used to be THE place to be on weekends when I was a teenager. The street is about 300 meters long and it was also dubbed “KINO-STRASSE” (Cinema-Street) because of the many movie theaters.

Ollie down a set of stairs at Theatergässlein down to Birsig Parkplatz.

We just walked it up and down and you saw literally EVERYONE (Basel is a village). Swiss National TV made a show back in 1989 live from Steinenvorstadt and we got invited to make a little Skateshow. Almost 30 years later, they dug out the show from the archives and put it on YouTube. I was 15 back then and I’m opening the show with an ollie down the stairs of Theatergässlein 🙂 enjoy!

Edit: Dina Sambar did an article on this TV-Show in the local newspaper, check it out here:

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