DOMINION – watch it here for free

I wish, someone had shown me this when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t created back then but the next generations have this chance. And even if you’re an adult now, it’s still worth it to watch. It’s life changing.

It’s not a secret really but still shocking to see, because it’s hidden from our eyes most of the times: the miserable lives and ultimately the killing of animals to use their flesh, skin, secretions and byproducts.

DOMINION shows the very real horrors of animals that are bred into existence, just to be killed a short time after (in most cases those innocent, defenseless creatures are still babies) so we humans can then consume those animal products.

It’s a two hour documentary and yes, it’s very violent, it’s very bloody and because of that it’s also very sad. If you’re still consuming animal products, this movie might help you to stop supporting this circle of violence and death. It might help you to look out for plant based alternatives instead. I went vegan in January 2015. If I had seen such a movie at an earlier age, I would have gone vegan then. This movie is not exaggerated, it’s the truth. It’s what over 90% of the animals have to endure. Even “free range” and “grass fed” animals have to go through the horrors of being killed. IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT – given that we have all the plant based alternatives at hand. Watch the movie here and now – I can’t really say “enjoy” though.

Here’s the YouTube link:

To all the people that still eat animal products: watch DOMINION in full length and if you then feel the urge to leave animals off your plate just go vegan. If you need some quick start guide, you can visit the following websites:

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