Milk. It really is for babies!

I just watched “Tatort” yesterday and there was a scene, where the commissioner jugs down two glasses of milk.


Well, nothing special,  you might think. I thought so too, before I got vegan and really informed myself – beyond the dairy propaganda.
Just step back for a second and think about it: cow’s milk is meant for cow’s babies. No species other than humans ever drink milk again as adults. Let alone from another species. Stealing their milk. Empregate cows every year, so they keep on lactating after giving birth to a calf that then is taken away from them because that milk is actually meant for humans, right? Wrong!

I have been brain washed too, I got raised to believe that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to consume dairy products (and meat). So many studies and even common sense prove that the propaganda is just wrong and misleading.

Dairy products are actually very unhealthy and unnatural for humans. Also you’re supporting unnecessary animal cruelty. The milk industry is the meat industry. Wake up!

Have a look at this educational clip by Erin Janus:

If you prefer German, read this:

Warum keine Milch?

Now go and get yourself a cup of plant based milk, will ya?! ?

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