I Love ÖV


If you don’t speak German, let me explain. ÖV is the abbreviation of Öffentlicher Verkehr, wich means public intercourse public transport.

I am on the road or rather rails for that matter almost every day of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I really love cars and I have my drivers licence since I was 18, so half of my life.

I just don’t like looking for a parking space, I don’t like traffic jams, I don’t like bringing the car to the garage for maintenance or a repair, I don’t like to pay insurance and gas and finally, I don’t like getting tickets (what didn’t happen very often in my driving career).

On the other hand, I really enjoy being able to board a train and then work on something, read, make phone calls, watch the landscape going by, sleep, watch other people, letting my thoughts spin and all of that, without the need to pay attention to the road or traffic.

Your thoughts?

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