anders wohnen

Ein kleines Schaufenster, prall gefüllt mit Einzelstücken: kunstvoll gefertigtem Porzellan-Geschirr, Besteck mit silbernen Menschen-Figuren und Wildkatzen als Stiele, kleinen Möbelstücken, Handgefertigten Lampenschirmen, einem Stück Waldboden, wo sich Feen und Zwerge tummeln, beleuchtet von den vielen Lichtern der zahlreichen Lampen, die bei anders wohnen aufgehängt sind.

anders wohnen von aussen

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Saturday Style Ride 2015

I’ve been at the Saturday Style Ride last weekend and it was a very pleasant experience: to meet (about 300) people with a sense of style and a passion for bicycles!

Since Samsung Switzerland was one of the sponsors, we dubbed it the #GalaxyStyleRide 🙂


On the picture you can see me with my Tern Eclipse Uno, my folding bike that I also use to commute from Basel to Zürich. Check out all red carpet pics here.

For more info’s,  pictures and a nice video, visit and #tagboard.

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Wenn die Fantasiewelt zur Heimat wird

Die FANTASY BASEL, das grösste und vielseitigste Festival für Film, Game, Comic, Manga, Anime und Cosplay der deutschsprachigen Schweiz.

So die Info des Veranstalters – ich bin sehr gespannt, was mich bei der Messe in Basel erwartet. Vor allem das Thema Cosplay macht mich neugierig. Da geht es darum, eine Figur aus TV, Film, Comic oder Fantasy-Romanen mit Hilfe von Verkleidung, Schminke und Verhalten möglichst originalgetreu darzustellen.

Fantasy Basel
Das offizielle Logo der FANTASY BASEL – ist das rechts wohl ein Drachenauge?

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The CrossFit Open 2015

One year has passed and the games are on… this time with a scaled option. Great decision by CrossFit HQ I think. Less frustration, more fun doing (longer) WODs.

Here’s the Leaderboard for all Male CrossFit Basel Athletes and in addition Daniel Aemisegger, one of the best Swiss CrossFitters from the Masters category (40-44 years old).

Those are always five intense weeks with a very special atmosphere in the box. If you are doing CrossFit, participate in the Open. It’s a ton of fun and a great experience!

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CrossFit this, CrossFit that…

I’m really sorry that I keep talking about CrossFit all the time. But it’s the main thing I do besides work and being a husband, a dad and having a family life.

Double-Unders in Porto val Travaglia, Summer of 2014

This (Christmas-) week is a so-called benchmark week and I did the baseline workout. I just don’t seem to progress at all, it’s a bit frustrating.

500 meter row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups.

Today it took me 4 minutes and 57 seconds, that’s 13 seconds slower then two months ago. Maybe, because I’m having a cold, I don’t know.

Anyway, I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you want to make great friends, get or stay fit in 2015 (no matter what your current condition is), try CrossFit for yourself! Go to and find a local CrossFit Box.

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CrossFit transforms me

Gee-Jay's post-workout-face
My post workout face.
#empty #tired #happy #CrossFit

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy working: working at Samsung Switzerland and working out at CrossFit Basel. Both is a lot of fun and both is very demanding and satisfying.

If you have been hanging around in gyms for the last couple of years without any satisfying results, then CrossFit is for you. Check out for a box in your neighbourhood.

Have fun!

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CrossFit Games Leaderboards

If you want to check out how the Swiss CrossFitters, CrossFit Basel and it’s members are doing, check out those leaderboards.

We’re in the 3rd Week now and the workout that worked best for me until now was 13.1
I hope there’s a workout coming up with Muscle Ups so I would have a good reason to finally learn them.

The Muscle-Up
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