Last week I took a mini-vacation from Thursday to Sunday, so I had to skip my Saturday Birs-Dip.

Instead, I went for a swim at Seebad Faulensee near Spiez at the lake of Thun. It was amazing.

If you want to join me at my weekly Birs-Dip, check out Google Maps and just show up at 9AM!

If you are not experienced with cold exposure at all, try showering cold for a week, this will help you not to freeze into a shock when entering the now colder water. You will get used to it and your mind will learn that your body can take it.

See you there!

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Birs-Dip 2021

It has been over a year now that I have started with the Birs-Dip and many people have joined me for a couple of minutes every other Saturday morning at 9AM. One of the most consistant, joining me almost every Saturday is my good friend Andi Schlumpf.

After the Birs-Dip is before the Birs-Dip đŸ„¶ Me and Andi at the river.
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Merry Christmas!

I know, it’s only October but trust me, in a blink of an eye, Christmas will be here. 🎅It’s going to be a very special Christmas this year as we have probably been all affected by those exceptional circumstances we’re facing in 2020.

The Future is Plant Based
I got this mask at Tibits while in Winterthur, visiting Technorama.
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Becoming Supernatural

I’m currently reading (and listening it, it’s also available on Audible) this book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It’s freaking amazing!

If you sometimes feel like you’re a victim of circumstances, read this book. It will empower and teach you how you can manifest ANYTHING imaginable. Curing yourself from illnesses, getting a better paid job, the partner of your lifetime etc. you name it, you have the capacity to do it. It’s quite a scientific approach, so perfect for doubters of anything spiritual.

It used to be only 2 dollars for the Kindle e-reader, so it was a no-brainer for me to buy it. Now it’s back at 9 dollars. Still a bargain if you think what this information can do for you.

You’re about to become supernatural!

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